About Us

About Us

Our mission

Windy City Pie brings some of the flavor of midwest to Seattle with Chicago-style deep-dish and tavern-style pizzas.

We’re not interested in being a clone of any particular pizza in or around Chicago but we certainly take a lot of influence from Illinois pizzerias. We offer a Chicago-style pizza that looks to new ingredients and techniques while respecting its traditions.

The Chicago-Style Pizza landscape

Pizza taxonomy is a touchy subject and your classification of pizza styles and pizza in general might differ from ours. That’s okay–we just hope you find it delicious. Our interpretation of the Chicago-style landscape is as follows

  • Deep-Dish
    • Traditional (e.g. Lou Malnati’s, Pizzeria Uno, Pizzeria Due, Gino’s East, Pizano’s, Bartoli’s Pizzeria)
    • Deep Pan (e.g. Burt’s Place, Pequod’s, Labriola Chicago, Milly’s Pizza In The Pan, George’s Deep-Dish)
    • Stuffed (e.g. Giordano’s, The Art of Pizza, Bacino’s, Edwardo’s, Nancy’s)
  • Tavern-Style
    • Traditional (e.g. Vito & Nick’s, Phil’s Pizza, Candelite, Marie’s Pizza & Liquors)
    • ‘Cured’ (e.g. Pat’s Pizza, Kim’s Uncle, Crust Fund Pizza)
    • Pastry (e.g. Barnaby’s, Home Run Inn)
  • Pizza Puffs

Yes, Pizza Puffs were invented in Chicago and no we’re not influenced by them.

Our influences

We offer two styles of Chicago pizza: a specific style of Chicago deep-dish pizza known as Chicago deep pan pizza and Chicago ‘cured’ tavern-style thin crust pizza.

Our deep pan pizzas are inspired by the spongier, sweeter crust of Papa Del’s and the caramelized (well… it’s technically Maillard browned) cheese edge and balance of Burt Katz’s Pequod’s and Burt’s Place.
Our tavern-style thin crust pizzas take inspiration from the dough ‘curing’ technique pioneered by Pat’s Pizza and then perfected by Kim’s Uncle in Westmont while holding a lot of admiration for the pizzas at Vito & Nick’s.

Say Hello

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If you’re ready to place your order, we highly recommend that you do so electronically on our Order Page or in person during dine-in hours.

Reservations are placed via that same order page, by scheduling a time for the pizza to be ready. Please arrive with your full party 15 minutes before the time you select.

For all other questions:

E-mail: [email protected]
Text: 206.486.4743